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How to Relieve Back Pains Common in Pregnancy

Almost all pregnant women go through early pregnancy back pain. It is not a new thing for women to experience this during this critical and unusual stage of their lives. most of them endure some amount of pain during the early days of their pregnancy, and this pain vanishes in the twentieth week of gestation. This pain is increased by tension put on muscles in the right or left side of the back. This is the result of the increase of the pregnancy hormone progesterone in early days of pregnancy making soft the disks and supporting tissues. The backaches can also be due to the urinary tract disease that happens in pregnancy. The changes that occur in pregnancy results to increase in body weight which alters the gravity center of the body causing back pains. When experiencing this pains, you should try the following things for relief.

Physical exercise is the best solution to end your back pains while pregnant. As most of the drugs for back pain are not allowed during first few weeks of pregnancy, exercise is the best remedy. Walking, mini-crunches, pelvic rocking, or lie on the ground, bend your knees and raise your buttocks in the air. Alternatively you can just bend your knees and raise your head on expiration. By doing these simple exercise on your own you will sure get some relief of your back pain without the need for any medications.

How you position your body as well as how your movements have a great role in ridding your back pains. Staying in the right positions and the moves your body makes are very important in ending pains in initial days of pregnancy. When standing, ensure that your back is perpendicular, this can help to avoid back pains. Maintaining suitable body positions is both in the early and late pregnancy. During gestation the uterus enlarges, and one has to pull back to cater for the additional weight which results to the straining of the back. The pains that occur due to the increased womb size can be prevented by changing your posture often while seated and by shunning to stand for long when it is not necessary.

Because of the many changes that are happening in a woman’s body during pregnancy, good sleep and doze are good things to do to help the body escape from the early pregnancy back pains. One should perform simple yoga exercises to relieve the pain. If your body continues to torture you, you should see your physician and take adequate medication for the cure of back pain. In some cases the medic may suggest therapy sessions.

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