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BI is an umbrella term that combines architecture, tools, databases, analytical tools, applications and methodologies. So, for lack of any other existing nice word I call this concept as Individual Business Intelligence (IBI). One of the #BIWisdom participants pointed out that many of these issues have the same root cause: lack of trust – either trusting the business users, IT or the BI experts.” A lack of understanding about technology can breed distrust. Moreover, the data small business accumulates is usually more structured and have easier to crunch formats. Another management problem that may be encountered before the start of an implementation is an overly aggressive business sponsor.

Because of the close relationship with senior management, another critical thing that must be assessed before the project begins is whether or not there is a business need and whether there is a clear business benefit by doing the implementation. Recent features such as email alerts can be vitally important where metrics change rapidly and quick action must be taken to remedy them..to support business decisions.business intelligencebusiness intelligencebusiness intelligence

Using data to best serve your customers is only part of how small business analytics improves customer relationships. To find out more about BI, read our white paper Worst Practices in Business Intelligence: Why BI Applications Succeed Where BI Tools Fail” In it you’ll see the most common mistakes made in BI deployments and how to avoid them so your BI applications will be as successful and effective as possible.

Anyone having access to the Dashboard, business intelligence software products, from Developers to Project Managers to the CEO can look at the insight provided by Oracle Project Analytics and act quickly and decisively to adjust resources, reduce costs and increase profitability. Oracle, one of the leader in business intelligence software products, is the first major software firm to provide Project Analytics support for their Business Applications.

Before installing, you must have the 64 bit machine and Java 1.7 or later version of Java Developer Kit (JDK). Basic capabilities for data access, mashup, filtering and data transformation are built into our BI tools – just right for the business analyst. We missed everywhere that requirement gathering in proper manner also need some tools which efficiently track the requirement and asking for solution.